Yogasana Check: Chakra Bandhasana

Snapshot 1 (25-10-2015 9-29 PM)

October 25, 2015 A miracle happened after 2 weeks of Yoga absence because of fever.


Lucky to document my progress!

Yoga teachers will always tell you, ‘practice and all is coming’. I believe that and always will. I never imagine that full wheel pose will come to my practice in 2 years of my yoga journey. Now, I’m almost practicing nearly 3 years and I did not expect that I was able to grab my ankles from hanging my hands.

For some, my progress is very slow and for others it is tremendous hard work. But for me, its just fine.  I always rush to an asana when I first started yoga but now I learned that taking it slow will help you to move even more forward.

Practice yoga for your own inner self and soul. I am not practicing these advance poses because I will join a competition, I am practicing these poses because I know they have good benefits in my body. Yoga was not created to hurt humans, yoga was created to help humans.

 Practice the asanas for their amazing benefits and be happy. Namaste.

Mark Louie Maycong