Yoga Workshop for Less Privileged Children in Naples, Italy

Travelling, Yoga and meeting friends are the best way to do when you are on vacation. Last month I had one of the best June Holiday, different from my Teacher Training in India last year. This time I visited some European countries including Naples, Italy.

Months before my flight my yoga sister, Ashley Cox and I decided to organize a Yoga workshop to help less privileged Children in Naploli. These children are staying in an island, opportunities for them is unclear because of poverty. The workshop was partnered by Walle Rally Foundation, an organization that helps teens and children around the world to have a better journey. Visit their website to learn more about their current goals, donations are very welcome!

Yoga is not that popular in Napoli but my dearest friend did her best to gather people not just to have fun in practicing yoga but also encourage the practitioners to help the children to have a better future.

Yoga is not my job. I believe that this beautiful practice is the best way to help other people to feel good and be good for themselves. Let us all share love not ego, let us share beautiful future not hatred.

Let me share some pictures during the Yoga class inside an art studio and the actual yoga workshop.



Stretching time


Finishing sequence.


Group of happy Italians and Americans


A little Downward Dog


Big help with Paul the Wall


Getting the headstand balance


Resting in child’s pose after some drills.


With my Yoga sister, Ashley.

I would love to do more classes that will benefit less privileged people not my pocket. Have a great day everyone. Namaste.

Mark Louie Maycong