Yoga Travels | No Permanent Adress

Beautiful Da Lat, Vietnam!

No permanent address and happy…

I started this journey with little plans and less expectations. And now 3 months had passed by so quickly.

Let me give you a quick throwback. I was in Da Lat, Vietnam dreaming to settle in the beautiful highlands to teach yoga, but things didn’t work out pretty well. Thanks to my dearest Vietnamese Friend who let me stay in her place and continuously encouraging me not to leave and find ways to teach yoga and English. But still I decided to move forward.

Sleeping bus to Nha Trang

After 15 Days in chilly weather Da Lat, I travelled to the beach side of the Land of the Blue Dragon- Nha Trang. In this warm stretched sandy beach, I became a Yoga and English teacher for both young and adults in exchange of accommodation in a busy English Enrichment school. In this place I met cheeky Vietnamese boys and girls who are so active and really willing to learn! I hope they will be very good English speakers and writers soon. It was tough, tiring and fun experience. This opportunity is good for travellers who want to explore Nha Trang and teach English or do photography/videography for their marketing in exchange of accommodation – not bad at all.

My yoga bear enjoying the sun, sand and water!

After 1 month in Vietnam I flew all the way to Phuket, Thailand to give my self a break. I didn’t fully utilise my 3 months visa in Vietnam and at the same time I wasted a flight ticket from Ho Chin Minh to Manila. I felt that I was forcing myself to stay in the country because of the visa and air ticket, I felt stuck and so I need to move on. Nevertheless, It was all good. Sometimes you really need to be courageous and smart to choose the next step.

My Nepalese Friend with his Best Friend!

From Miss Saigon to the Land of Smiles…

Phuket never goes old. I stayed at my Nepalese friend’s place and while I was there I decided to join a Traditional Thai Massage course for a week. The training was informative, pain in the hands and ass, memorising the sequences and body ‘points’ – exhausting but were all worth it. It was another good experience that I can use and of course share!

Thai Massage Classmates and Teachers! 💪🏻

During my 2nd week in the Island, I checked different Beach spots and visited all 3 Elephant Jungle Sanctuaries! Thanks to their generosity and love because I enjoyed my last week in the Land of Smiles.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Camp 3 peeps!

after 1 month and 2 weeks…

‘Where should I go now?’ ‘What should I do?’ So many questions in my mind. The plan of staying in Vietnam for 3 months drastically changed in a blink of an eye. For the first time in my life, I made crazy plannings for the next 6 months. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and Plan E were not enough, I need to sprinkle my plans with hope, faith and love. Now I know what it feels like to travel with uncertainty, to find work opportunities, ‘sell’ yourself hoping someone will accept you.

These were the emotions, heartbreaks and behind the scenes that most travellers does not want you to see.

After few negotiations from a resort director, finally they accepted me to be part of their team for almost 2 months. I flew all the way to Virgin Cocoa Hideaway Resort a very small island away from everything for 2 days.

Golden hour

Island to Island…

It was a long journey to be in this resort. Probably I felt like a ‘crazy rich asian’ for almost 2 months because of the Yummy foods, staying in a beautiful environment ,making connections from guests from all over the world and most specially gaining new friends.

I had an opportunity to teach 2 yoga classes in the morning and afternoon, and give – Thai Massage while in the Island. There were days that I felt very down and tired because of 4 to 6 hours of giving Thai Massage and additional 2 hours teaching Yoga. These were good experiences for me to know my limitations and of course I learned my lesson after an unfair matters given to me. But still I need to be positive. There are so many things to be grateful for.

Some of my new found friends in the island!

Always be kind.You’ll never go wrong with kindness.

Money is not everything.

Maturity and manners matters most.

Be sensitive.

Stand your ground.

Don’t be greedy.

Have faith.

Love unconditionally.


Always find happiness.

These are my commandments. Words that I’m holding within me to enjoy this journey, this beautiful life.

Now I’m getting ready for my next 6 months!

But for now watch or rewatch some of my travels for the last 3 months. 🙂


Mark Louie Maycong