Yoga Rule: The Power of Breathing



Ujjayi. Only Ujjayi Can Save You. –Sidharth ArukhA

Breath is our source of energy. Breath is the fountain of life.


I miss doing this class every 7 am in the morning!

Breathing is very important in yoga practice. It is easy to move when you breath normally and properly. But sometimes in some poses especially advance poses, our breathing is changing, it’s becoming shallow and if the body is not producing enough oxygen, the body becomes uncomfortable.

There are  yoga teachers who are consistent in reminding their students to breathe during practice.  If you have that teacher, you are blessed to have him/her! Breathing is so important that it can relaxes and calms your body and mind.  It is very powerful that it can move you even further than your usual capabilities. Breathing properly gives you focus, it can make you move forward and when you breathe properly your teacher can adjust you! Breath is your golden ticket to progress! When you inhale you absorb strength from the earth and when you exhale you let go all the tightness from your body.

Below are some captured moments with Yogi Sidharth, he is our Ashtanga Teacher in Rishikesh who always remind us to breathe. These are the moments that I will treasure forever.



The Positive and Effective Teaching of Ashtanga.


Ashtanga Class


The Adjustment that I need!


The Guidance of a Teacher

Pictures are from Facebook accounts of Didier Abner and Amiee Constantopoulos.

Mark Louie Maycong