Yoga Mindfulness with Children and Meddy Teddy Yoga Bears

Mindfulness is about paying attention to our present moment, thoughts, emotions and feelings without any judgement or hesitation.

I believe that Yoga Mindfulness should be practiced by everyone regardless of age or religion. Mindfulness helps our body and soul to be at the present state of awareness to be calm and to enjoy the moment of serenity and life.

As a Preschool and a Yoga Teacher, teaching mindfulness to my students makes me calm and happy. Every now and then especially during after a strenuous activities, I always give my ducklings time to be in silence. I always ask them to sit, cross their legs and follow a simple breathing exercise. After a couple of long and deep breaths, they know what to do next; they will put their hands on their chest, close their eyes, feel their heartbeats and breathe in complete silence. This is one of the routines in the class that I am very proud of that we do for 5 to 10 minutes, It can change my students mood. At first I thought they will not understand what I am trying to teach them this, everyday for 5 years, I am always explaining to my students how important it is to enjoy their breaths, to be calm after an exciting movement activities, to be aware of their heartbeats and enjoy every moment and class that they have as long as they listen, respect, follow instructions, and be mindful.Recently, I received my Meddy Teddy Yoga Bears all the way from the United States. Tim and Jordan, founders of the Meddy Teddy are so sweet that they send me these bears plus a huge poster, small postcards, magnets and stickers.

When the Bears arrived in school, I used them right away to my youngest class, Playgroup (18 Months) they were so excited to take their turns to hug the bears! If only I am rich, I’ll buy more of these bears so all of my students will have plenty of time hugging and following yoga asanas. As a preschool teacher, you need to find ways how to make your class fun and exciting. In my case, I am using yoga to be part of my class, to teach Mindfulness tomy children.

I believe that children should learn the real beauty of life at a young age – that life is about compassion, love, acceptance, hard work, tolerance, and mindfulness. I teach them that life is hard but through positive outlook and enjoying the present moment, everything will be fine and all things will fall in the right place.


Mark Louie Maycong