Yoga-ing with Preschoolers


I am enjoying my work as a preschool teacher. For almost 4 years, I’m happy decorating my gym. I’m having fun singing, dancing and teaching my little angels. I learned so many things in supervising 9 classes per day. Handling children is not easy if you don’t have the passion for it. You need creativity and lots of energy-literally.

Looking back before taking my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood I knew that teaching children is what I really love. I was not the smartest in my batch, I was not the coolest in the class and definitely not the most handsome one in my block. But I know for myself that I am one of the creative students in my group. I believe that teaching my students here in Singapore does not only require patience and ‘book’ knowledge but also creativity, common sense and innovativeness. I teach my 18 months to 6 years old students’ gymnastics, yoga, music and theatre. It is tiring but fun. Yoga is always part of my routine in the gym whether gymnastics, music or theatre class. Before and after the lesson I give my little angels stretching and poses that they can follow and of course their favourite is breathing exercise – simple inhale and exhale after a wonderful warm up exercises and dances.

I remember when I was in Kindergarten I can easily perform splits with ease and I thought that all children are very flexible. I was wrong. That’s why I feel so excited when I find a flexible student. Don’t get me wrong I’m always excited to teach my students to become more flexible, active, energetic and strong. But teaching flexible students is fun! I’m able to give them ‘extra’ (guided) stretch. Some are pictures of my previous students that are now in Primary school! All pictures were taken with permission from their parents.






Mark Louie Maycong