Yoga Devi : Stockholm, Sweden | Early Morning Mysore Ashtanga Practice

I arrived in my hostel in Stockholm on a rainy afternoon. I was 2 hours early before my check in time, and because of that, It gave me chance to check out the surroundings of my accommodation.

To my surprise, there are so many Yoga Studios in Stockholm and one Ashtanga studio is near my hostel, Yoga Devi.

Yoga Devi is located next to Radhuset Station near the City Center. It has 2 big rooms and most of the classes are Ashtanga classes.

Last year I attended a German Hatha Vinyasa class in Cologne, Germany; it was indeed a good class but I really need to use my eyes on what’s happening in the class because I don’t understand the language.

I remember I was joking with my friends that Ashtanga Mysore is hunting me. I don’t take the words seriously but after my Mysore class in Yoga Devi, I told this story to my teacher and she told me maybe Ashtanga is meant for me to learn and understand. It gave me a realisation that probably Ashtanga practice is telling me to remember the sequence so that whenever I’m travelling, practicing yoga is easier. If you are familiar with Ashtanga practice, it follows a certain sequence pattern. All Ashtanga practitioners know this all over the world.

Carola Solem, the Mysore teacher that morning was so good! The class was from 6 am to 9 am. The way she adjusted me in the poses are so gentle. She’s so calm and very friendly too.

If you happened to be in Stockholm. Attend a class in Yoga Devi. You will not regret it!

Mark Louie Maycong