Inside Yoga Journal Sigapore


After my amazing and at the same time heartbreaking (I don’t wanna leave) trip last month in Siem Reap, a good news came! I checked my emails and peek-a-boo! I won the raffle in Real Yoga Singapore! I’m not really lucky in raffle draws. But this one is a good win!

I already made 2 articles about Yoga Journal Singapore, first during it’s launch and the second when I was so called feature with my friend David Chin in Yoga Buddies. I am so exciting to share this to everyone is because they will put one of my pictures again in the magazine!

Hard Copy or Digital? As much as I want too feel and touch the pages of the magazine, I choose to have a digital copy. I think this is the best way to read the articles because I’m always travelling and will travel more but still they gave me a hard copy of the August/ September edition. So thoughtful and generous!


That’s me!

I hope by now you have already subscribed or bought a yoga journal specially if you are residing here in Singapore!


Yoga Journal Singapore App! You can download the App either IOS and Android. Please subscribe now!

Note to self: DO the things that you love!

Mark Louie Maycong