Why Back Bend?


Scorpion Variation along Orchard Road.

If there are those who love to do back bend asanas, for sure there is an equivalent number of people who are afraid to execute these poses. Why? Because they feel all the ‘pain’ in their bodies, others can’t breath well and some don’t feel comfortable.

Back bend is very beneficial, it builds flexibility and confidence. Practicing this method not only can give you a bendy body, but it can also build your inner strength. Back bending asanas enhances mostly the abdominal and back muscles, also the legs and quads during standing poses.

The practice of back bending improves heart function, stimulates the digestive system, and boosts the respiratory system. While performing the asanas, it gives light massage to different organs in the body like the diaphragm, kidney, chest and throat.

After the practice, your body will surely feel light, free and open. You will be able to breath properly because of the chest and shoulders opening and of course you will have a very nice body posture.



My Sentimental Favourite Asana, Dancer’s Pose!


Bow Pose

Why back bend? Because it can help you from inside and outside. Practice and take care!

If you want to see some more stretching and technique how to deepen the backbend, kindly message me or comment below. Thank you, dear readers!

Mark Louie Maycong