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169A Telok Ayer Street (Level 2) Telok Ayer MRT Exit A (Turn Left)

Everyone of us love to have grand dreams.

Probably for a yoga teacher, having and owning a yoga studio is one of the best dreams to have.

Manoj Kumar came to Singapore 6 years ago as a yoga teacher. His hopes and dreams is to have his own yoga studio. He dreamt big, he owned it, now he has it!

Master Class with the Founder

Best Asana ever!

After the hard yoga practice

Opening Ceremony

The birth of Trust Yoga – Yoga with Passion is a seed of dreams and hopes back from his roots India. He is a man full of dedication, he believes that yoga Teachers and students must have a trust connection with each other that’s why he named his studio ‘Trust Yoga’.

On the 2nd of April was the official opening of Trust Yoga. The Chief Editor of Yoga Journal, founder of Yoga Tape and of course yoga practitioners came to grace the official blossoming of the new studio in the Lion City.

The event started with Master class by the founder itself, Manoj Kumar followed by the opening ceremony, big lunch, yoga performances, workshops and raffle draws.

Suann’s Camel Pose during her Yoga Performace

Teacher Aarikh rocking his Full Wheel Pose

Master Manoj with his Compass Pose

If you’ve been reading some of my articles about flexibility and backbend, for sure, the name Master Manoj is not new. He is one of the reasons why I can do backbend asanas, he is one of the reasons why I practice these postures. He touched my heart to work hard with my yoga practice, he touched my soul to trust him and myself that I can become flexible and strong through passion.

Feel free to check trustyoga.com.sg

Mark Louie Maycong