Finally! I’m very glad that 21st Century products opens its own store this year, Intenz Health(care). Located in the heart of Orchard shopping haven, basement 2 of Orchard Gateway.

When I became a vegetarian, supplements are one of the firsts that I was looking for. 21st Century products are all suitable for vegetarian, from vitamin A to Zinc. Their products are all over the stores in Singapore, in Watsons, Gurdian, Mustafa, Metro and the list goes on. But having their own store is even better, they are not just promoting their vitamins but also different products for health, wellness and fitness such as weigh proteins, body essentials and beauty products.

Here is a good catch, the first time I bought my vitamin B to this store, the staff told me that If I’ll spend 100 SGD, I”ll become an instant member and being a member will give me a 20 % discount for all the products. After finishing my vitamin C, the next day I went to their store and bought product for 100 SGD. I was expecting that I will receive 20 % for my next transaction, but no, the staff gave me discount right away and they also gave me a membership card.

My so called ‘VIP Card’

So if you want to try vegetarian supplements, beauty products or even protein products that helps you build muscles or loose weight, let me now, I can help you buy.

For more information about 21st Century and Intenz Health visit their websits! Just type these names on the internet and you’ll get a bunch of information. Thank you for reading dear readers. Namste’.


Mark Louie Maycong