What’s up | Inversion Workshop with Jani Jaatinen

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It’s like yesterday when I first attended Jani’s workshop. Gokulacandra or Jani Jaatinen is indeed an inspiration not just to me but to so many yoga practitioners. His humbleness is just over flowing when he talks and explain things when he is in a ‘teacher mode’, you’ll be surprise that he is even more down to earth once you talk to him after the workshop. I can’t believe that amazing people like him that is super popular to yoga practitioners is so kind.

Adoring this person because of his practice and humbleness gives me more reason to work hard with my yoga practice and to be more kind to myself and to others.


”Create a straight spine as possible when you are up side down but respect the natural curve of your spine.” -Jani Jaatinen

What I like about his workshop is that, it doesn’t just focus on the physical practice part of yoga but it’s more on how to use the techniques and tools that he is sharing in your own practice. I mean techniques and tools because there are a lot, he gives different options for us to try and experiment.

Everyone will benefit from his workshops, he is explaining everything from the physical to philosophical yoga practice.

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If you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, I recommend that you should attend his workshops at least once whenever he’s around your country. This man is all over the globe and I believe that his 2017 workshop schedule are already full. He is very blessed indeed!

Jani is indeed the future of all yoga practitioners. I wish there are more grounded yoga Teachers like him. He is one of the reasons why I lift my heavy bum up and practice on my mat.

I remember the last time I asked him a picture he asked me ‘what pose do you want us to do?’ I just said… let’s just smile. ? He didn’t asked me that question anymore. We just smiled with his daughter!

His workshop was organised by Outahatha and the inversion workshop was conducted in Yoga in Sync.



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    Thanks for coming and Join! It was really nice to practice together.
    Always Namaste!

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