Vegetarianism | Quán Chay Hương Duyên Restaurant

I arrived in Nha Trang, Vietnam in a sunny day of 17th July 2018. Looking for a place to stay is easy since there are a lot of hotel, hostels, AirBnB and Couchsurfing accommodations to choose from. It is also easy to find food in the city if you don’t have diet restrictions, unlike me, who is by the way celebrating my 4th year of being a Vegetarian!

I am super lucky to stay three streets away to a newly opened Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant at Mai Xuân Thưởng Street.The restaurant is very decent. It has a free Wifi which is very important for tourists like me and most especially it has clean, delicious and affordable food.

Here are some of the dishes that I tried:

Fresh Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls and Combination Fried Rice (3.55 SGD)

Vietnamese Beef Noodles Style (1.78 SGD)

Ham Fried Rice (1.78 SGD)

Duong Chau Fried Rice (1.78SGD)

Bamboo Noodle Soup (1.78 SGD)

Beef Broccoli (2.06 SGD)

Mushroom and Tofu (2.06 SGD)

Cashew Chicken (2.06 SGD)

Tofu Balls (2.06)

How wonderful these foods are! Super yummy, healthy and very affordable too. Sometimes I eat noodles or special rice with extra dish. Don’t forget to try the food at Quán Chay Hương Duyên if you will visit Nha, Vietnam!


Mark Louie Maycong