Vegetarian Alert: 100% Vegetarian Vitamins


Recently I found a treasure inside Metro – Centre Point Mall in Somerset along Orchard Road. I can’t believe that these Vegetarian Vitamins are existing in Singapore. Quickly I checked the internet about this brand and I just saw few reviews, maybe because the brand is still new in the country. They just had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration last 2011 and 2013.

When I was looking at the products I noticed that they are not just offering the normal vitamins that we are taking. They also offer supplements for the hair, nails, whitening (glutathione), weight loss and weight gain. And if you are a shopper in Singapore, you love to see coloured dots on the product. If happened that the product has a blue dot or yellow dot, it means it has a discount!

 B-Complex zinc

Without any hesitation, I grabbed the Zinc 250 and the Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C, I paid 20 Singapore Dollars for both! Now, I am taking my second bottles for both supplements. Heaven and Earth blessed me because I don’t feel any discomfort inside my body but I noticed that I want to eat all the time, which is good for me because I want to gain weight.

For more information about this brand visit the link 21st Century .

Thank you everyone! Namaste’.

Mark Louie Maycong