Travel Bites: Venizia and Napoli

From the fashion capital Milan to the big city of Rome. There are so many beautiful destinations in Italy. You can choose to visit the very touristic places like Pisa and Coliseum or relax in the countryside of Tuscany and Umbria. Visiting Italy for 8 days is not enough for me. I’m a type of a traveler that likes to walk, rest, eat, rest and rest. I don’t visit most of the ‘Touristic’ places, I choose few places to visit instead. How I wish have 2 to 3 months to explore the whole country from North to South.

While in Italia, I visited Venizia for 4 days and another 4 days in Napoli.

In Venice I visited the famous San Marco Square and Dodge Palace, while I was there, I literally kept my map, walk and get lost. This city in the northeastern part of Italia will capture your heart with its magnificent buildings and small islands connected by bridges.

During my stay in the city, I also visited other big islands like Murano, Burano and Lido (where my camera had an error lens because of the sandy beach). These islands have their own uniqueness. Murano shows the most authentic and beautiful Murano Glass art works! Burano is famous for its colorful houses and very detailed lace products. If you miss the beach, try to hop in Lido Island.

Naples will always be in my heart. This city is a mixture of everything! From its big population to its yummy food! Indeed rich with history, conquered by different Kingdoms from Greek to Romans, from Spaniards to French. I will never get tired of saying that Napoli is beautiful! Not your typical Italian tourist destination.

These are some of the things I did in Italy:


Booked a room in this beautiful house! 20 minutes bus ride to Venice. And yeah, I used that bicycle to buy my food.


Murano Glass


Early morning in Murano


Bridge of Sighs


Clean and drinkable water.


Burano colorful houses


Water transportation is love!


Welcome to Pompeii! Visit this ruin city while in Napales!


Train to Pompeii. Watch your valuable things!


I had the best pasta and pizza in Napoli!


Find time to know the history of the city. Go for a tour.


My yoga sister, Ashley! She became my tourist guide and motorcycle driver.


Stop Drop and Yoga

Let me share a random videos while I was in Italy!


Mark Louie Maycong