Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Warsaw, Poland 2017

Alive! That’s Warsaw and Kraków,the 2 giants of Poland. Before visiting these colorful cities there are so many stereotypes left and and right, they said, it’s a sad country. But when I was there, it’s totally different, the people are alive! and the architectures are as beautiful like the once in other European cities.

As we all know Poland was ‘lost’ during the WWII and many Jewish Polish were murdered. I believe Polish people already forgave the past but never forgot what happened. This is a good sign that we should not forget our history, the stories of those victims during the war.

Below are the mixtures of pictures in Warsaw, Kraków, and Auschwitsz – Birnakanau Concentration Camps

Be amazed how history of a country built itself again after dark nightmare.


  • From the airport, either take the bus or train, very easy and affordable than hiring a taxi!
  • Warsaw is vibrant! Make sure to visit the night events at the old train station
  • If you love science, don’t forget to visit the Copernicus Science Center. You’ll laugh and act like a child again
  • Your travel in Warsaw will never be complete if you will not visit the Old Town and New Town
  • Along the stretch towards Warsaw Old Town, you’ll see Chopin’s Music Chair. Have a rest and make sure to press the button and listen to his wonderful compositions.
  • If you love history, visit the amazing POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  • If you have extra day, and you have a strong heart and a prepared mind, visit the Concentration Camps. Remember the dark side and history of humankind.
  • Polish Food is great! Try it!
  • If you don’t need to call or SMS, dont buy simcard, there are free wifi / internet connection everywhere
  • Water is safe, Buy one big water bottle and refill it!
  • This year I decided to stay in a hostel (‘so called’ Real Backpack style of travel) I stayed in Hostel Tatamka, the location is a 15 Minutes walk from the bus stop and 3 Minutes walk from Chopin Museum.
    • very helpful staffs
    • clean! clean! clean! specially the bathrooms
    • very affordable! Starting price is 19 SGD
    • tourist attractions are near
    • wonderful stay indeed.

Check my video below!





Mark Louie Maycong