Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Prague, Czech Republic 2017

Now I know why Paris is jealous of Prague!

Last year I was blessed to visit Paris, no doubt, one of the most beautiful city.

This year’s June Travel, Prague was my last city to visit. I was amazed to see how they preserved all the architecture in Old Town and New Town, it’s mind blowing! You feel that you are in the 8th Century walking along the beautiful streets.

Enjoy the random pictures that I took!


  • Airport to ‘New Town’ is pretty easy, take a from the arrival and after few stops use the train station. This is the only ‘Public Transportation” that I used.
  • Prague’s Hop On Hop Off City Bus Tour is not the best to see this beautiful city, the tour itself is not worth it. To think that there are so many FREE WALKING TOURS and FREE CASTLE TOURS in the city.
  • Join FREE TOURS, tourist guides will definitely give you good advises regarding the best of the city!
  • Regarding MONEY EXCHANGE its kinda hard to find a good exchange rate, my suggestion, try to calculate all your expenses before hand, then use the ATM and cash it out! If not, find a money exchange away from the Old Town and other tourist spot.
  • Bridges, Bridges, Bridges… Make sure visit the Bridges! top and bottom (literally)
  • Visiting the vicinity of the Prague Castle is worth it, specially if you love politics, religion and history.
  • If you don’t need to call or SMS, dont buy simcard, there are free wifi / internet connection everywhere
  • Water is safe, Buy one big water bottle and refill it!
  • Find a “REAL SUPERMARKET” there are plenty of mini markets that sell overprice food and beverages. Go to the mall and look for a Super Market.
  • This year I decided to stay in a hostel (‘so called’ Real Backpack style of travel) I stayed in Mosaque House, the location is a 10 Minutes walk from the train station.
    • They have ‘Hotel’ and ‘Hostel’ type of rooms.
    • Rooms are super clean and bathrooms as well!
    • They have bar and they conduct fun activities every night
    • Staff are great
    • The best Hostel during my travel
    • Very near to all the toursit attractions
    • Money wise: Starting price 36 SGD

Watch my video below!


Mark Louie Maycong