Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Iceland 2017

I think Iceland is a piece of land from other planet! This was my first impression in this beautiful Island Nation.

Iceland gained her Independence from Denmark almost 80 years ago. The buildings in the City Center are so far from the buildings in other European Countries, they have there own taste about architecture.

Today, Iceland attract tourist all over the world for there Salmon Fishing, Icelandic Horses, Mountains, Volcanoes, Waterfalls and of course Ice!

Indeed that Iceland should be in your bucket list weather you are a Traveller or not!


  • Iceland is big! Make sure to visit the places outside the capital, Reykjavík
  • A day is enough to explore the capital unless you will party, watch some acts and visit public pools.
  • If you will stay longer in the city center make sure to find a hostel in the main city itself, Public transportation is very expensive.
  • I used Grey Line Iceland bus as my main transportation to and from the airport. Cheaper compared to taxi. They will send you and pick you up in your hotel/hostel.
  • There are tours everywhere, don’t rush and pick what you really want to see and do during the tours, you don’t want to waste your money.
  • i joined Iceland Guided Tours (3 Days Guided Tour / Small Group) They pick and send me to my hostel everyday. There are tours that provide accommodation and you need to be with them during the duration of the whole tour, read the information, rules and regulations carefully before buying and booking and tours.
  • Buy your food in the Super Market! way cheaper, make sure bring your own plastic bag.
  • Water is safe, Buy one big water bottle and refill it! BUT the water has a smell… guess the smell 🙂
  • Like what I said in my previous blogs about Travel Bites | Photo & Video Blog + Travel Tips: Helsinki, Finland 2017 and Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Stockholm, Sweden 2017 this year I decided to stay in a hostel. I stayed in Capital Inn, the location is 30 minutes walking distance from the city center
    • They have plenty of rooms
    • clean facilities
    • lots of guided tour options
    • good Wifi (internet is life)
    • they sell and book transportation and tours
    • bad staff (they are not locals tho)
    • Starting price for this hostel is 35 SGD 

Watch my video below!

Mark Louie Maycong