Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Helsinki, Finland 2017

“We are not Swedes, we do not want to become Russians, let us therefore be Finns”

Literally you are so cold to me, Helsinki. I was not prepared to your 6 degrees coldness, to think that it is summer.

Finland’s pride to their culture is astonishing. They are proud of being simple and minimalists. From having a small car to simple interior home designs but with incredible quality furnitures. Finland is also proud of the saying ”Less is More”.

Finland is not just happy with their stable economy but also they are very grateful to have one of the best education system in the whole world. They believe that through playing and creativity, children will grow and progress. (Salute!)

Here are some of the random pictures from my Helsinki Travel! Enjoy!


  • Buy Helsinki Pass, very worth it! Make sure to buy the 3 Days pass if you will be in the city for 3 or more days. You will get
    • Free Public Transportation
    • Free Museums
    • Shopping, Dining and Activity Discounts
    • for 3 Days pass, you will get Free Hop On Hop Off City Bus Tour
  • If your Helsinki Pass is over, buy 24 hours Public Transportation Pass, its cheaper compared to single / one way transportation pass.
  • I used Finnair Bus from the Airport to my hostel and vice-versa, it’s okay, but still you can use public transportation which is way affordable.
  • Buy your food in the Super Market! way cheaper, make sure bring your own plastic bag.
  • If you don’t need to call or SMS, dont buy simcard, there are free wifi / internet connection everywhere
  • Going to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is awesome! You can stay there the whole day and join the Free Walking Tour
  • Water is safe, Buy one big water bottle and refill it!
  • This year I decided to stay in a hostel (‘so called’ Real Backpack style of travel) I stayed in Cheap Sleep Hostel, the location is a 30 Minutes walk from the city center but if you have Transportation Pass or Helsinki Pass, that’s not an issue anymore.
    • The Hostel is clean,
    • price starts from 27SGD per night,
    • helpful staff,
    • good internet / wifi connection,
    • there’s a nearest supermarket on the group floor, and
    • at top floor, the only Gay Sauna in Helsinki
  • For Yoga Practitioners, check this out! Yoga Nordic : Helsinki, Finland | First Time Mysore Practice

Watch my video!

Mark Louie Maycong