Travel Bites | Photo and Video Blog + Travel Tips: Copenhagen, Denmark 2017

Arriving in Copenhagen is super exciting! Knowing that it’s gonna be warmer compared to Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Iceland.

Finally, I was able to wear my shorts in CPH! This monarch country is gorgeous because of its well preserved renaissance buildings, gardens and streets.

Wearing my shoes while walking along the tourist attraction is worth it, 25 degrees, sun is out but the breeze is so cooling that you just wanna feel the sunshine and the wind at the same time.

Check out the random photos from Copenhagen, Denmark. Land of Little Mermaid!


  • Transportation to Copenhagen City Center from the airport is one easiest to navigate. You don’t need to hire a taxi or join a private bus just to reach the City Center, buy the tickets at the airport arrival area and you are ready to explore.
  • Copenhagen Pass, very worth it!  You will get
    • Free Public Transportation
    • Free Museums
    • Shopping, Dining and Activity Discount
  • If you don’t have Copenhagen Pass, atleast buy Free Hop On Hop Off City Bus Tour, as you all know this bus will give a glimpse of what the city can offer
  • If you love fairy tales, better visit Hans Christian Andersen Museum and Cafe and Theater!
  • There are a lot of FREE SPACE in Copenhagen like parks, squares, and gardens!
  • Buy your food in the Super Market! way cheaper, make sure bring your own plastic bag.
  • If you don’t need to call or SMS, dont buy simcard, there are free wifi / internet connection everywhere
  • Water is safe, Buy one big water bottle and refill it!
  • This year I decided to stay in a hostel (‘so called’ Real Backpack style of travel) I stayed in Hotel Jorgensen, the location is a 10 Minutes walk from the train station.
    • They have ‘Hotel’ and ‘Hostel’ type of rooms.
    • Hostels bathroom are literally open
    • price starts from 40SGD per night,
    • helpful staff,
    • wifi connection is not that great
    • there’s a nearest supermarkets
    • near the parks and gardens!
  • For Yoga Practitioners, check this out! Mysore Yoga CPH : Copenhagen, Denmark | Afternoon Mysore Ashtanga Practice

Check my video below!



Mark Louie Maycong