Travel Bites: Paris, the heart of France

Paris is Paris. I guess I don’t need to explain what are the things that this beautiful city can offer. Paris can easily captivate your heart. From its beautiful language, city interiors, ambiance and of course its people.

These are some tips when you visit Paris in affordable and easy way:

  • If you’ll stay in the city using the public transportation, better buy an unlimited ticket for the certain days you’ll be there. Take note, some places might not be included in the unlimited ticket like visiting Disneyland or going towards the airport.
  • Book your room reservation 3 to 4 months prior to your date of arrival specially during peak seasons which is spring to summer. Most of affordable hotels and Air BnB local rooms will be fully booked during these months. You don’t want to stay outside the city center for sure! Book early!
  • If you will stay in a local’s house like what I did, use the kitchen! ask the landlord where is the market and cook your own food.
  • If you love water, like me. Go and buy mineral water in the market. Small mineral water on the streets are 1 Euro and up, it depends on the tourist destination.
  • Plan your itinerary (which I don’t really do) but it’s nice if you have in mind what are the places you want to visit.
  • Make sure you have a train map! It’s better to get lost by foot but not inside the Metro. Paris Train Station is like Korea’s, it’s like an octopus! Check the color line or number before riding.
  • Don’t be shy to ask people for directions. Some locals can’t speak English but don’t give up, just ask other people who can.
  • Don’t waste your Euros buying expensive souvenirs in luxury shops. If you are affordable seeker person, If you want to give your friends back home some simple gifts – believe me, some immigrants sell affordable souvenirs like key chains and figurines outside tourist spots.
  • Keep your things in place. Don’t bring your passport. Take a picture of your passport and that’s enough. If you love to walk to check different places, Bring extra clothes with you and umbrella specially during spring and summer. The weather is unpredictable.
  • Lastly, don’t waste your energy to visit a places that you don’t really appreciate. Choose what you like best,explore and learn the places that you like. Chill. Relax. A holiday trip is not a competition of how many places you visited and had taken selfies. It is about relaxing.

Handstand love with my photobomb, the Eiffel Tower.


If you have the chance, go inside the Cathedral.


This arch will lead you to so many touristic places.


If you are a Disney kid, you don’t wanna missed visiting this place!


If you have a lover, why not try this?


If you are lucky, you’ll be able to watch buskers.


If you love Palaces. Visit the Chateau Versailles.


Get familiar with the public transportation. Cheaper than taxi!


When you are tired, sit and relax along the canals. It’s free, Baby.


Relax. There are a lot and different kinds of cafes.


Watch my random videos in Paris!


Mark Louie Maycong

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  1. RYan Augusto Cunanan says:

    Nice one!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
    Just want to ask if how much is the cost of your vacation there?Thank you!!

    1. louieyoga_admin says:

      Hello Ryan! I spend less than 3,500 SGD for almost a month… that’s everything.

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