Travel Bites Special: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Phuket, Thailand

This priceless feeling: A day that I will treasure forever.

When I visited Chiang Mai last year, I was not able to visit the Elephant Sanctuary. Little did I know that my random travel in Phuket is the perfect time to visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Like my random trip in the island, booking my slot for the Sanctuary was random as well. I just had a quick glance of the website just to see the price, the list of things to bring and of course to see the elephants in still pictures. The booking that I did was late at night and I’m blessed that someone picked up my phone call and instantly listed my name for the next day afternoon itinerary.

The day has arrived!

Riding the mini jeep towards the sanctuary is about 40 Minutes from where I am staying, Sensive Hill, Kathu.

The moment we reached the sanctuary, I already saw some elephants. I’m very happy to see them free!

At the dining area, our volunteer guide, Syaza Koh from Singapore, gave us very heart wrenching stories about these beautiful creatures; some of the elephants worked as loggers, performers and or riders for tourists.

After the Do’s and Dont’s in the sanctuary, here we go! We prepared the food for the elephants – bananas, sugarcanes and watermelons – and carried them to the feeding area. Facing the elephants is so overwhelming; you’ll feel different emotions as if you are riding a roller coaster or flying an airplane for the first time.

After we fed them, we went straight to change into our ‘swimming attire’. At the mud pool we played, swam, laid down, ran and crawled with them. But my sentimental favourite was cleaning their bodies. The happiness of giving them an eye to eye contact while scrubbing their trunks is a priceless feeling.

No need to worry about taking pictures, there are Photographers on site and that’s free of charge.

To all Travelers, Phuket is not just about beaches and parties, explore the island, do your research. For sure you will learn and enjoy like me!

To all my Thai friends, you are so blessed to have a wonderful country, full of beautiful places and people. I hope that creating and building sanctuaries for animals is just the beginning; I hope there will be more in the future.

To all of us, these creatures are blessings not just in Thailand but in the entire world. They have rights to be loved and respected like everybody else. Compassion towards living things great or small should be equal and that is something we need to remember.

Thank you so much, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary for educating us.

Thank you Thailand for your warmth smile.

Souvenirs from the sanctuary

Khop Kun Krab!

Mark Louie Maycong

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    love it such gentle animals must be treated with respect they do deserve that you guys are wonderful

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