Travel Bites: Barcelona! Barcelona! Barcelona!

The Philippines was conquered by the Spaniards for 333 Years. Yes, there are good and bad influences that Spain left in the archipelago including its name, Las Islas Filipinas or simply means Islands belonging to Philip II of Spain.

Months before my trip, I would always tell my self that I will enjoy Barcelona, true enough, I did enjoy the city, very much. I enjoyed it not because Spain has a big influence in our culture but because the city is very welcoming, very warm (literally until 8pm) and full of gorgeous locals and tourists. *wink

After my flight from Naples, I went straight to my room in an apartment near Sagrada Familia (my dear neighbor). I used Airobus from airport to the train station. The train station is very easy to navigate. Tourists have options on buying different kinds of tickets from 2 to 5 days unlimited public transportation thru train, bus and tram.

My first night was incredible, my feet send me to Plaza Catalunya, I watched Magical Fountain of Montjuïc. That night was indeed spectacular. It was a nice welcome night for me.

Now let the pictures and videos that I took from my Sony phone (my camera got an error lens while I was in Lido Island in Venice) be your guide on where and what I did in Barcelona:


Indeed a magical fountain! Performing since May 19, 1929.



The amazing Park Güell


Super awesome night in Las Ramblas!


Selfie during bus sightseeing bus tour


Every tourist should visit Poble Espanyol. This incredible tourist spot gives information about the different building structures all over Spain.


My incredible neighbor. I miss her so much!


Inside the church. This church is beyond magnificent.


View from one of the towers in Sagrada Familia.


Mar Bella Beach! Yay!


There are so many buildings that will blow your mind! Including this one. (which I forgot where I saw it.)


Another exquisite building.


This port is one road away from Las Ramblas Street. This is good spot to rest after a long day of walk.


I was able to practice in the beach!

Random Video in Barcelona!

Feel free to ask questions, dear readers.

Mark Louie Maycong

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  1. Ramón Padilla says:

    Namaste , nice to meet you! I am yoga teacher from Canary Islands-Spain. Thanks to visit Spain hope one day you can come to visit our beautiful Canary Islands , I from Tenerife island. I am happy to share the great yoga philosophy. With love and respect. Ramón

    1. louieyoga_admin says:

      Hola Ramon! I would love to visit there someday!

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