Travel Bites: Bali, Indonesia

I was able to feel her love even just for 3 days.



I spent my day one in my very simple and refreshing hotel room after good lunch. Around 3 pm, I visited a temple in Uluwatu. I was surprised that the breeze is really cool amidst Mr. Sun’s striking sunshine. The place is beautiful, the mountains, ocean, scenario – I felt like I was in the Disney’s ‘Brave’ setting. I did quick #StopDropAndYoga before I watch an epic story of Ramayana.


Ramayana is a great Indian Literature and it is very popular to Countries with Hinduism beliefs. In Bali, 90 % of Balinese are Hindu. Even before Hinduism arrived in Bali, Balinese are already celebrating different kinds of festivals and beliefs. Some people describe Bali as an Island of Hinduism or / and Island of Temples because literally there are temples and prayer alters everywhere. Imagine an ‘Indian’ Hinduism Religion style including ‘Balinese’ own versions of religious festivals, rituals, celebrations and norms. For sure there are difference but they will always have common denominator – Hinduism.

According to Uluwatu’s production of Rama and Sita story, every visitor should watch at least one dance in Bali and Uluwatu’s own version of Kecak Ramayana and Fire Dance should be the one to be witness. The local actors, choir and dancers are funny and extra ordinary. The choir’s  lung power is incredible! The group sing, dance and move non-stop for 60 minutes. The costumes and make-up of the actors are beautiful too!


(All photos were captured from far using a smart phone.)


The (Macho) Choir

Let me share to everyone a short summary of the story. This synopsis was taken from the actual performance of Uluwatu’s Kecak Ramayana and Fire Dance.



Rama and Sita


Sita and the Golden Deer

ACT 1:

Wandering in the forest of Dandaka during the exile of Rama. Sita sees a beautiful golden deer dancing in front of her, she pleads with her husband to catch it. Rama, fearful of what may befall Sita if left alone in the dangerous forest, leaves Sita in the protection of his brother Laksamana. Shortly after Rama’s departure a cry for help echoes around the forest. Fearful of her husband’s safety, Sita sends Laksamana to his aid leaving herself unprotected and alone.


The Scary Rhawana


Rhawana as an old man

ACT 2:

A sudden storm envelops the forest and Sita becomes fearful, Rhawana appears before her but she is protected by a magic circle and his attempt to seize he fails. He disappears only to come back disguised as a poor old man seeking shelter and water (Bhagawan). SIia falls for Rhawana’s trick and he kidnapped her. Taking Sita to his palace, Alengka. Rhawana is attack along the way by his mortal enemy, Garuda. Long enough to tell Rama what has happened to Sita.


Finding Sita

ACT 3:

On his search for Sita, Rama meets Sugriwa, the Red Monkey King whose help he enlists to find his wife. Together they select a scout to find Alengka and locate Sita. Hanuman, a White Monkey with magical powers is chosen and Rama provides him with a ring to give to Sita as a token of his love and as a proof of Hanuman being his envoy.


Hanuman the White Monkey

ACT 4:

Hanuman locates Alengka and enlists the help of Trijata to meet with Sita who is about to take her own life in despair. Hanuman shows Sita the ring and tells of her husbands impending rescue attempt. Hanuman then attempts to destroy part of the place and is caught by giants who attempt to burn him to death. He escapes causing much mayhem throughout the city.


Hanuman escaping the wall of fire


The Final Battle

ACT 5:

Rama is guided to Alengka where the monkey army defeats the army of giant Rama, meets with Rhawana in face to face battle and defeats him. Rama is then reunited with Sita.


The Cast

The drama and the choir is very unique and beautiful in so many different ways. I just hope that the production staff will provide a synopsis in different languages not only in English because not all tourists are English speakers. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show, the sunset and the view.

I hope I’ll be able to visit Bali again! 🙂

Mark Louie Maycong