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Express Yoga Guide: Level up Your Basic Inversion and Arm Balance

Are you a Master Headstand-er and Crow pose-er? If yes, go try these asana tutorials. If no, well… give it a try. No harm in trying as long as you feel safe, comfortable and aware on what’s happening inside your body. Time to fly your Crow Pose. Elevate your Headstand to Forearm balance.

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What’s up | Inversion Workshop with Jani Jaatinen

It’s like yesterday when I first attended Jani’s workshop. Gokulacandra or Jani Jaatinen is indeed an inspiration not just to me but to so many yoga practitioners. His humbleness is just over flowing when he talks and explain things when he is in a ‘teacher mode’, you’ll be surprise that he is even more down to […]

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Singapore Yoga Festival: Soulscape 2016

The biggest Yoga Festival in Singapore! My adjectives are not enough to describe how wonderful it was to attend this spectacular event for the second time. The event was fun because of the people that I met and the classes that I attended. Here are some of the highlights that my friends and I did […]

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