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Travel Bites: Bali, Indonesia

I was able to feel her love even just for 3 days. I spent my day one in my very simple and refreshing hotel room after good lunch. Around 3 pm, I visited a temple in Uluwatu. I was surprised that the breeze is really cool amidst Mr. Sun’s striking sunshine. The place is beautiful, […]

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Yoga Learning: Hanuman

Once my teacher told me that I am as ‘Strong as a monkey and as flexible as a snake’. At first I didn’t know that was a compliment, until when Hanuman, the Mighty Monkey came across my mind. Hanuman is a Hindu god and a follower of Rama. He was mentioned several times in Hindu scriptures such as Ramayana, Mahabarata, Puranas and Jain texts.   Because […]

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