The Sunrise of Capones Island (Zambales, Philippines)

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These islands are just 15 to 20 minutes away from our house, from the main barangay or barrio’s sea shore. Going to these pulos (islands) is a treat from both bakasyoneros (travelers) and locals, I believe not all locals in Barangay San Miguel has a bangka (fishing boat) to use for transportation. Most of people in the fishing village use their boats for business matters alone. And if you’ll use the boat as a transportation it can only accommodate 6 to 7 people, and that includes the bangkero (boat driver).


Growing up, I learn to appreciate these islands specially when I started working here in Singapore. Back then when I was in Grade school and High school, almost every April and May, which is the summer vacation, we always visit these islands. That’s why the excitement of visiting was fading away. Recently, I went back home to witness my niece’s baptism in Pampanga (My mother’s province), 3 hours away from Zambales (My father’s province). I am lucky enough to travel to Zambales and be there overnight and be able to go to the islands, feel the sea breeze and coldness of the salt water.


Seeing the sun rise is the best part of the journey. It was indeed beautiful that money can not buy. A memory that will be in my heart forever. If you want to visit my country, let me know! You can stay in our house for free, we can ask some locals that provides island hopping and of course we can practice yoga together.

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Mark Louie Maycong

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  1. anj says:

    OMG..Kuya Louie!!taga dyan ka pala..!I’ve been there na with other teachers this May lang..Indeed beautiful talaga…nakaka refresh talaga dyan..:) thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

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