Strength and Flexibility


Always be happy!

Flexibility is very commendable in yoga practice and strength is indeed admirable. There are yoga practitioners that are very flexible but lack strength and of course there are those machos whose flexibility is non-existing. Then again, there are those people that has the balance of both flexibility and strength which is very inspiring. The video below is a popular exercise for gymnasts, dancers and I guess for yogis too.

Front and Back Walkover is very good for spine and back muscles. It strengthens the arms and give space to the shoulder joints. In the long run, this exercise gives you a toned thighs, legs and hamstring.

Why not give it a try? Believe in yourself!

When to give it a try? When your back is open and when you have enough inner strength.

Simple tips: You can start in standing split, slowly kick the legs FORWARD, firm the shoulders and lift the hips up. When kicking BACKWARDS, use your arm and abdomen strength to move the legs all the way down into the ground.




Mark Louie Maycong