Spotlight | Yoga Teacher: Tymi Howard, International Yoga Teacher


From Orlando, Florida, USA to the world, Tymi Howard is an International Yoga Teacher and Certified Hollistic Health Coach. Under her belt, she is 500 RYT and a wonderful founder of Guruv Yoga Studio in Central Florida.

Tymi is touching the world. Recently she was in Singapore, Indonesia, and China.

Before checking her next destinations and workshops, lets get to know how our certified amazing yoga teacher float and bend her yogic life.

Inspiring people to discover their life’s purpose through the art of yoga.

What made you discover yoga and how did it became your passion?
I was a professional ballet dancer and one of my teachers recommended yoga to me as a compliment to my training, help with some nagging knee injuries and gain strength in my upper body and core. My first experience of yoga was an Ashtanga class and I didn’t like it. I was intimidated and uncomfortable with ritualistic nature, and it showed me all of my weaknesses. I dabbled in yoga on and off during off seasons of dance, but it wasn’t until later when I had moved to Los Angeles, California and discovered Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Iyenger Yoga that I fell in love with yoga. I realized that there were many different styles and lineages, just like in dance, that I could explore and study. Yoga quickly became my focus and passion as I transitioned out of the ballet world.

What is your daily routine?

When I am home; Wake up around 5am and do a short 5-10 minute meditation, long walk with my dog, 1 cup of tea/coffee while I read and study from spiritual texts, respond to emails and create marketing posts, 9:30am / 90-120 minute class or practice, 11:30-1:30pm teach private clients, lunch/ protein shake, business/schedule planning (usually creating lesson curriculum, writing for blogs or Elephant Journal), evening errands, cook dinner, sometimes my husband and I will watch a movie together in the evenings and bed around 9:30pm.
I have recently started cooking more, as well as doing some light weight training twice a week.

What keeps you going as yoga teacher?

So many things….mainly being able to help others and witness the powerful transformations that yoga facilitates. I love teaching others how to teach yoga, and lead teacher trainings.

Any tips for people who wants to do yoga but afraid they are not flexible enough or think they are too old?
It’s never too late to start yoga! Finding the right teacher and class is always important. If everyone was flexible, yoga teachers would be out of a job.
Sometimes students will schedule a couple of private sessions before jumping into group classes just so they have an understanding of the basics and foundations.

What is your tips for those who wants to become a yoga teacher?

I recommend practicing yoga for at least one to two years consistently. Make sure that you are able to dedicate time, energy and focus to the training without feeling stressed. Choose a training with a teacher you respect and resonate with, and would be honored to immolate. Practice teaching and share the yoga as much as possible, even before you get the certificate.

Aside from travelling and yoga, what are other items on your list?
The BEACH (all things water)
ANIMALS. Walking my Dog.
Vegan Cooking.

and of course…..TRAVELING & ALL THINGS YOGA.

Be updated and catch her!

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