Spotlight | Yoga Teacher : Maya Trisari Ong of Pure Yoga Singapore

Being yoga teacher is a vulnerable place, where we stand up and share our life experiences.

@shademaya as what people know her on instagram. This Indonesian Tiger Lady is a Singapore based,  an exclusive yoga teacher in Pure Yoga. She took her 200-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – Vinyasa Flow in Thailand.

She is…




Maya is well known for her powerful core movements – from balancing postures to inversions. If attend her classes, expect that this modern day yoga teacher will give you burning muscles that is good not only for your physical practice but also mental work on how to execute each yoga flows safely.

Photographer: Esther Tay

What made you discover yoga and how did it became your passion?

I started yoga cause I wanted to lose weight. My sister introduced me to trial hot yoga at Hom Yoga. But not until 2 years after that I met Gadi Bernstein, He is my Yoga Teacher and also good friend, whom introduced me to bigger part of yoga, out of asana. I started to explore more about yoga, books, vegetarianism, pranayama, and ever since it just became part of me.

What is your daily routine?

I try to attend at least one group class a week. Usually more than that, unless I was so busy, then yoga self practice. Besides yoga, I also go to gymnastics. SO self practice can be Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, or exercise I know from Gymnastics or combination of all.

What keeps you going as yoga teacher?

Their (yoga students) smiles and feeling of togetherness of present moment with students.

Any tips for people who wants to do yoga but afraid they are not flexible enough or think they are too old?

Just do it! Ask friends to trial class if you are shy. Try different type of class. Find one that you like. Or you can start private yoga to learn basic.

What are  your tips for those who wants to become a yoga teacher?

If you have thought to teach yoga, ask your favorite teachers, where they can recommend good (yoga) teacher training. Discuss with them, they will be happy to help for sure. Right after the teacher training, don’t wait, just start teaching, practice makes perfect. Teach friends for free is cool too.

Teach your favorite yoga teacher, get over the fear, ask for an honest feedback. Ask around how to get a job. Being yoga teacher is a vulnerable place, where we stand up and share our life experiences and yet its an uplift(ing) place to be. Who doean’t want to laugh all day? 🙂

If you are in Singapore, attend her classes! Get in touch with her.

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Mark Louie Maycong