Spotlight | Yoga Teacher : Emiliano Yogiyano, From Italy to Hong Kong

It is amazing how social media connect people from different parts of the world. This Italian yoga teacher and I found each other through Instagram Hashtags #Rishikesh #India #Yoga

Yes! Like me, Emiliano had his Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, The Yoga Capital of the World. Let’s know how this European guy flow his yoga asanas to the one of the richest and cleanest country in Asia, Hong Kong!

Let go of expectations and get ready to work hard on a personal level.

What made you discover yoga and how did it became your passion?

I discovered yoga quite late, I was about 28/29 when I started my practice. I used to live in London, and one day a friend of mine asked me to go to a Bikram class. I remember looking at her thinking: Really? “Yoga is for girls”… yes I was one of those that use to see just weights and benches. It became instantly a passion, as I started to practice almost everyday since then… I’ve been always quite spiritual, and I think at that point with yoga I discovered a “place” for me to reconnect all my elements together.

What is your daily routine?

My daily routine is getting up early (sometimes too early) in the morning, light up an incense and walk around the house chanting a mantra in my head being grateful for a new day to come. I practice a little and off to work… right now I’m teaching in Hong Kong. I usually do full practice once a day in between classes and when I’m free I would get on books to study… I’m addicted to anatomy and the association of it with yoga movements. Sometimes I finish late in the evening teaching so I would get home, eat and rest for the next day. 

What keeps you going as yoga teacher?

The love to share yoga with others, I’m always happy to see students wanting to discover more and practice with passion. Yoga is for everyone.

Any tips for people who wants to do yoga but afraid they are not flexible enough or think they are too old?

Never too old for yoga! And if you are not “flexible” just tell yourself that’s why you should go to yoga. Yoga is not about getting the perfect pose but awakening our whole energy, connecting to ourselves and become aware of our true potential, most time we underestimate what we can do.

What are  your tips for those who wants to become a yoga teacher?

Let go of expectations and get ready to work hard on a personal level. It is not easy to be a teacher, not just in yoga. Be humble and share with passion, love what you do. 

If you are flying to Hong Kong to see Disneyland! Why not visit and attend Emiliano’s Yoga class!


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