Spotlight | Lensman : Paolo Bernardo

Today’s spotlight is not a yoga teacher or a yoga student but a photographer / videographer. Paolo maybe a typical lensman but through his eyes are stories that need to be told. From places to people, moments and emotions are captured not just beautiful faces and amazing places.

“I sleep to the instrument of your soft laughter, they’re hurricanes of gratitude and grace inside me, all named after you.” | Location : Matsu, Taiwan

Location: Mt. Amuyao Summit | 10th highest mountain in the Philippines | Time: 5:43 am

“Once you have been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines.” | Location: Mount Tangbaw

“Sunset” | Location: Boracay Island | Time – 6:28 pm

“Two souls, billion stars, one eternity.” | Location Bakun, Benguet | Time: 9:40 pm

I’ve know this gentleman since elementary school. Since then, he has expressed his kindness and creativity through the the different activities that he participated in and belonged to.

During my first workshop at Yogahive Philippines I was so happy that he was able to visit me. It’s our first time to see each other after 6 years! We often see each other outside the University campus. He’s a Bedan and I’m an Escolarian. (You know why we see each other if you know these Universities)

Here are some of his amazing works!




If you have some questions about his works, if you want to collaborate with him or ask him to be part of your special events, feel free to message Paolo through his social media accounts!

Facebook page: paolobernardovisuals

Youtube channel: paolobernardotwelve

Instagram account: pmjbernardo

His works are incredible but of course the video clip below is my sentimental favorite. Paolo captured these cute moments during my Yoga Workshop at Yogahive Philippines.

This picture was taken at the Wholesome Table, Makati, Philippines after my workshop.

Soon I will feature more amazing people with amazing craft works! Yoga teacher, yoga student, lensman, chef, vlogger, blogger; anyone that makes our world extra special because of love, compassion, and tolerance.

Thank you for reading and watching! Namaste’.

Mark Louie Maycong