Singapore Yoga Festival: Soulscape 2016


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The biggest Yoga Festival in Singapore! My adjectives are not enough to describe how wonderful it was to attend this spectacular event for the second time. The event was fun because of the people that I met and the classes that I attended.

Here are some of the highlights that my friends and I did from Morning til Sunset.

Rainbow Chakra with Crystal Singing Bowls conducted by Luke and Lishan was the first class that I attended with Brandon. The Meditation class was very special because of the live music and instruments playing, some groups were a bit distracting but that’s part of the day. Everyone’s just enjoying the new day with yoga and love!

While Brandon and I were meditating in the Soul Fire Pavilion, our friends were practicing in the ‘Kalari Yoga’ with Amada Koh in the Clarity Pavilion.



Meet David @davichin34 , Sin @yoginisin and Brandon @brandstands

After our classes, we all met to attend the very fun Acro Yoga class with the amazing Marc Bauchet. Our Pavilion doesn’t have a platform that’s why Marc and the team taught non-traditional Acro Yoga poses that we can do amidst the white sand of Tanjong Beach.

Thereafter the amazeballs acro class was lunch time. Oh yes! it was crowded and the queues were long. I had 2 pieces of loaf bread for breakfast and for lunch? Well, there were free Ovaltine ice candies / ice cream to munch! Good thing there were water stations everywhere to rehydrate the body! I was not feeling well that day, I was feverish but the good vibes of the people around made me so energized! Don’t worry I had a big Indian Vegetarian dinner after.



Backbend workshop with @pan_zhengwei and @kittypompypom


My demonstration during Hollowback Workshop

After lunch time we attended back to back classes of Back bend Workshop and Hollow Back Workshop by James Wong. The class was fun not because I love back bending but because the teacher was funny. I enjoyed every bit of the workshops specially when he called me and asked me to demonstrate Hollowback in Pincha Mayurasana, that moment was really memorable, I was so happy to share to everyone how to do the pose.

img-20161001-wa0104 img-20161002-wa0004

Before the Sunset Yoga, everyone was having fun taking pictures and videos of the asanas that they learned! It was fun to see people meeting up for the first time and taking pictures with the people you only see on Instagram.

I believe the highlight of the event is the Sunset Yoga! This time no more workshops, everyone was doing the sunset yoga with Denise Keller. I just love how the event team set up the class in circular shape.

Life will never be the same again after meeting my yoga people that I just see and watch on Instagram. I am blessed that I was with them the entire day! I am happy that they are real and genuine, not Instagram Prima Donnas at all!


Brandon and I were late for this picture! 😛


Fun Bakasana Variations!


The Bendy Yogis! 😀


Feel the sun and the white sand.

Thank you, Soulscape! I can’t wait for the next.

Mark Louie Maycong