Singapore Yoga Festival 2016

Singapore Yoga Festival 2016 was held in Ion Orchard during the weekends, 23rd and 24th of April, organized by the Singapore Yoga Federation. It is really amazing to know that Singapore is moving forward towards fitness and wellness community. The event was packed full of workshops, yoga mass and asana competition!

For only 5 Singapore dollars you can attend different kinds of workshops like Yoga Therapy, Restoration of the Mind, Body and Soul Workshop, Bikram and Hip Opening.



Restoration of the Mind, Body and Soul Workshop | Photo by: Singapore Yoga Festival Facebook Account


Thai Yoga Therapy | Photo by: Singapore Yoga Festival Facebook Account

I am sure that Singaporean Yoga Practitioners as well as Foreign Workers who love to practice yoga in the Lion City had fun with the 2 days event. The festival was armed and blessed by some amazing sponsors like Tatva Yoga, One Wellness Fitness Club, Reebok, Manduka, GNC, Bikram Yoga and more!


Some participants who joined the workshops and asana competition.

The event is extra special to me; I never had the chance to watch a yoga competition before. And the competition for me was the highlight of the whole event. The competition started late for both competitions: Singapore National Yoga Sports Championship 2016 and Asian Yoga Sports Championship 2016  (in the program, the competition timing is 6:30 but they started 7:30) but it is really worth it to wait and see seniors showing off amazing skills and of course to watch amazing Indian kids performing advanced yoga asanas. Indeed watching these people was a wonderful delight.

Here are some pictures and videos during the competition!

Singapore Yoga Competition:

Adult Men and Women

Singapore National Yoga Competition (Adult Men and Women 18 to 50)

Senior Male and Female Singapore

Singapore National Yoga Competition (Senior Men and Women 51 and up)

Asian Yoga Competition:

adult women

Asian Yoga Sports Championship | A participant from PR China for the Senior Women’s Category

Mens adult

Asian Yoga Sports Championship| Some Male Participants for the Adult Male Category


Asian Yoga Sports Championship | Some children participated for the Kid’s Category

Below is the video of the child who blew all the minds of the spectators that night. Enjoy his performance, he may had a difficulty in balancing on his handstand (wet mat I guess, after few performances) but nevertheless, he’s phenomenal!

Advanced Practice

Definitely, the star of the night.

I can’t wait for next year’s Yoga Festival! Thank you for reading. Namaste.

Mark Louie Maycong