Seoul Garden


Outside Seoul Garden with some of my Co Teachers

Recently we had a sweet treat from our school director! We went to Seoul Garden @ City Square Mall for a big dinner. It was my first time to visit the restaurant. The restaurant is a buffet style with barbecue and steam boat. The whole experience was fun with crazy laughter with my co-teachers. Unfortunately this restaurant is not really suitable for vegetarian ‘big’ eaters, they serve very few food that are suitable for vegetarian like different types of noodles, few root crops and few raw vegetables. But I was surprised that their vegetarian soup for the steam boat was really delicious.


My barbecue and steam boat table!


Cooking my soup and sweet potatoes!


Yummy Oglio Olio! A special order for me.

During that night I only have few vegetables to put in my soup that’s why my boss ordered a vegetarian aglio olio for me! That was the highlight of the night! Also, if you have sweet tooth just like me, you will enjoy the dessert section which is suitable for a vegetarians (not vegan)


The buffet area, the first thing you will see in the restaurant.


The beverage and sweet corner!

This restaurant is really good to those who love to eat barbecue, steam boat and buffet. What I appreciate most about this restaurant is that they have a big and bold sign about finishing your food, or else you will pay! It is a good reminder for us that we need to finish everything that we have on the table and a reminder that some people in the world are suffering from hunger.


A simple reminder that we need to follow and understand.

Thank you for reading my previous article about New Fui Kai Vegetarian Restaurant. I can not wait to visit and tell you more about vegetarian restaurants available around Singapore and beyond! Namaste.

Mark Louie Maycong

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