My Review | The Wholesome Table, Makati, Philippines

Yummy Vegan Bowl!

This restaurant in the heart of Makati, Philippines is not your typical Filipino Restaurant that serves Pork Adobo, Chicken Inasal or Fried ‘Daing’ Milk Fish.

This cozy and spacious place is on trend! The trees inside the restaurant gives a big impact in the whole interior. The lights and lamps are so on point, not too bright and not so yellow that you just want to close your eyes and sleep. The tables and chairs are not cramped compared to others. And one of the most important factor in a Food and Beverage industry – the staff, are so nice; I’m happy that they are showing a good hospitality and energy to their costumers despite the long hours of work. They still serve us happily even its almost closing time.

To all my friends who want to visit this city, please try the food! To all the vegetarians and vegans, they serve food options for herbivores, super happy! There are quiet few options for plant eaters. I enjoyed my vegan bowl! Quinoa with mixed yummy vegetables, it is so funny that, I asked the waitress three times if the food is really vegan because it’s so tasteful. It’s not that I don’t trust them, I’m just overwhelmed that it’s very yummy! For my ‘pantulak’ beverage, I had Vegan Almond Milk which is not enough for me who likes to drink plenty of liquid.

Dinner with this awesome person. We are schoolmates from Grade school to High school!

Definitely I’ll visit this place again if I’ll be back in the city. Good Job, The Wholesome Table!

Mark Louie Maycong