My Review: Real Food | Superb Food

Vegan Pancakes, food that I can eat Everyday.

Food for the soul.

I’ve been hearing ‘Real Food’ for almost 6 months now from my yoga friends. Since I am a vegetarian / vegan, most of my friends are giving me suggestions on where and what to eat.

One Sunday morning, Brandon, Jia Wang and I were looking for a place to eat for breakfast. Luckily, the basement of Central Mall is already open and some restaurants and food stall were ready to serve food.

We decided to have breakfast in Real Food. I have been hearing about this restaurant for a long time. I finally am checking out their menu and see what i should eat for this beautiful Sunday morning.

Brandon tried the Brown Rice, Jia Wang had a Sandwich and I had a Tom Yum soup. The food has reasonable price. Take note, they are all cooked and baked from scratch.

Morning Brown Rice for Branstands

Yummy Burger for Mr. Strong guy, Jia Wang

Vegetarian Thai Tom Yum for me

I also enjoyed the playlist in Real Food Central. They were playing Deva Premal’s yogic mantra songs and it gave a calm ambience to the restaurant. The table set up, decorations, lightings and music also accentuated this mood.

After breakfast Brandon had his yoga class with Jia Wang as one of his students. I, on the other hand went to the private yoga class of my friend Mads. If you are reading some of my Restaurant Reviews, you would surely come across with Mads for he is always with me on most of Sunday lunches, and when searching for nice restaurants that serve vegetarian food.

After my private lesson with Mads, I suggested that he should try the food in Real Food Orchard Central.

Spacious Real Food in Orchard Central

Cozy Ambiance

Lovely Set up of furnitures and products too!

The branch in Orchard Central had the same set up with the one at Central Mall. However, Orchard Central’s branch is bigger and spacious. Though the music isn’t Deva Premal, they were playing songs from the Great American Song book. Maybe because most of the guests in the restaurants that Sunday lunch were foreigners.

Mads and I had Vegan Burgers and Pancakes.

My Beetroot burger for lunch

Real Food’s food is indeed real food. Cooking from scratch, no preservatives and definitely very healthy. Before Mads and I left the place, I checked some of the products that they are selling. Because I have a sweet tooth, I bought Vegan Chocolates for me and to Mister Strong guy, Jia Wang.

Sweets all the way!

I’m excited to visit Real Food again. Hopefully I would try out their other branches, to see what else they can offer to their guests.

Mark Louie Maycong