Recover from Back Pain with these 3 Poses

During my Yoga Teacher Training, I’m blessed to have had an incredible anatomy teacher, one of the best discussions we had during the class was about back pain issues.

Back pain is very common to athletes, aging people, workaholics and dancers. Some common back pain these people experiencing are sciatica and slipped disk.

Sciatica is pain affecting the back and it moves all the way down to the hips and legs. Slipped disk is a pain and numbness of the side of the body, arms or legs; gives pain after standing, sitting and walking. It also weakens the muscles.

Our teacher gave us some yoga asanas that can be performed whenever these moments of unpleasant pain happens.  I hope the pictures will be a great help to everyone.

Please visit healthline for more information regarding these issues.

Bow Pose

Camel Pose

Half Locust Pose

Full Locust Pose

Mark Louie Maycong