Photo shoot with Hawk Liu

Recently I had the chance to be the ‘subject’ in a photo shoot with the creative, Hawk Liu. This man does not only have an eye of a photographer but also he was born with the sense of creativity. He’s a dancer, choreographer, singer, musician and an actor.

Hawk let me use the different things around us like table, chairs, wall and community exercise equipment! Let me share some of my favourite pictures during the photo shoot.



Standing Split using the community exercise equipment


I am trying to have a neutral face during the shoot!

12363181_10153090417610378_384752155691768570_o (1)

Scorpion Pose, finding the balance on the table.


Natarajasana with the grass and mud. hahaha!


How yoga practitioners actually rest on the seat.


Arm balance on the table



Feel free to ask questions about the shoot and I am happy to answer you questions! If you wan’t to have a photo shoot booking with Hawk Liu, let me know.

Mark Louie Maycong