Photo Blog: Midnight Shots by @just2nite

Because of Social Media and Yoga Community in Singapore I met beautiful people from different walks of life.

Some I call my friends and some my students; I’m very proud of it!

As a yoga teacher seeing familiar faces in the class is very heart warming. Receiving kind words and constructive comments about how I teach in the class is as overwhelming.

@just2nite or Ryan is my student in Trust Yoga and I’m very blessed that he’s also my dear friend. Ryan is not just passionate in Yoga but also in Photography and Music.

Usually whenever I do photoshoots it’s either sunrise or sunset because most of photographers like natural sunlight. But Ryan’s idea on relying from street lights for the shoot was very intriguing and exciting because I’ve never done such setting before.

Here are some of the midnight pictures! Enjoy!♥

And here are some random portraits before the actual Street Yoga midnight photoshoot. 

Mark Louie Maycong