Photo Blog: At The Parking Lot by 48Photo

It is a great joy when photographers are asking you to have a photo shoot with them. 48 Photo is an Instagram account and photographer that features Man’s best assets – face, body and skills.

For the first time, I did a photo shoot with these group of people and they were no strangers to me. They are my SG Brogis – My brothers who love yoga.

The concept of the photo shoot is to have a group and individual ‘non’ traditional yoga poses. Holy molly, we all had a hard time to do it! All of us are really into traditional way of doing yoga asanas. Furthermore, It’s not easy to take group pictures especially if you have different concept with your friends and the photographers, not easy, but definitely fun!

Here are some of the pictures with my awesome friends – David, Ric and Brandon

dsc09744 dsc09922 dsc09655 dsc00072 dsc09809

dsc09635 dsc09678 dsc09945 dsc09703 dsc09752

I wish there are more Photo Shoots like this. Life is a learning process. Thanks for checking my blog! Namaste’.

Mark Louie Maycong