Part I: Yoga Blocks For Back Bend

Have you ever wonder what are the yoga blocks for? There a lot of things that you can use them actually. Let me share some tips on how to use them to your yoga practice specifically for backbend asanas. This technique is very popular and you can do this anytime as long as you have yoga blocks!


First, place both blocks on the mat, the first block should be flat and the second should be perpendicular above the first block. But if you think using two blocks is difficult, then you have the choice to use one block; either make it flat or perpendicular on the mat. But if two blocks are easy then feel free to add more!


Second, start stretching your upper back. Upper back is one of the hardest part of the back to open up because this part of the body includes the shoulders, the ribs and the chest. Place the hands over the head to add more stretch, you can either put your hands together or let them be apart. Feel free to move your neck, you can look up to create space in your neck and upper back. Feel the stretch in your chest, shoulders and neck.


Third, now it’s time to stretch the middle back. Same thing, put your hands over the head for additional stretch. But if your body is not ready for extra stretch, then let your hands rest next to your body. Don’t forget to move your neck every now and then to create space in your back.


Fourth, place the blocks under your lower back. For most of us, lower back is the easiest part of the back to open up. If you think using two blocks in your lower back is too much, feel free to adjust.


Lastly, Place the blocks under your tailbone or hips to feel the stretch in your quads and hips. Remember good back bending asanas does not only work well with a flexible back but also with a flexible hips. When you are done, lift the hips up and remove the blocks. Don’t forget to do your favourite counter stretch or forward bends.

Below is the video guide! Thanks for reading this article! Namaste.

Mark Louie Maycong