Part I – Be Strong: Lunge Poses

Since 2011 I am working here in Singapore and I can say that there a lot of guys who are really buff. I am no muscular myself but I know what a ‘proportioned’ body looks like. I ‘ve noticed that there are few guys that have a very nice upper body with big guns and 8 packs which is really incredible! What ‘amazed’ me even more is that some of them do really have smaller thighs and legs compared to their upper bodies.

I am not here to criticize or judge. I am here to share some simple asanas that will help these hunkies to have a better and toned lower body especially the thighs and legs.

For sure most of yoga practitioners will agree that Lunge pose or Anjaneyasana is not only good in stretching the hamstrings, quads and hips it also strengthens the thighs and legs.

You can do different variation of these poses. Remember, don’t fit the pose into your body, let your body fit the pose. Relax and do what you can do.

If you are a beginner, try the most easy low lunge. Hands rested on the mat or hands up over your head. Feel the stretch in your hips, hamstring and quads.

Low Lunge1

If your back, chest and shoulders are open, try to do simple backbends or deep opening of heart as you wish as long as you are comfortable.

Low Lunge2

Low Lunge3

Don’t forget to do twisting after backbend, twisting poses are good counter stretch for the back.

Low Lunge4

After getting the hang of Low Lunge Pose, try the High Lunge for more intense strengthening of lower body muscles.

High Lunge1

 Remember, find your balance and focus. You can do different variations of High Lunge according to your capabilities. There are different variations of backbends, forward bends and twisting for this pose.

High Lunge2

High Lunge3

Mark Louie Maycong