Part 1: Yoga Home Tools

True enough, that even great warriors need rest. Admit it. Sometimes you just want to stay in your bed and say…


Photo from Café Press

As much as we try to practice yoga everyday. There will always be a ‘BED WEATHER DAY’. Some people practice the most easiest yoga flow or series for their rest day (lazy day). Some don’t really do anything, sometimes, I’m like that. But whenever I see our purple couch, it gives me an opportunity to stretch my back and shoulders, and sometimes my hamstrings and quads too.

Stretching is and will always be a good help for our resting bodies. Let me share to everyone how to use your home tools specifically your couch, pillows and chair to stretch your body.


Breath in and breath out feel the gentle backbend stretch.


Use the pillow to adjust your body. It’ll give a new stretch to other parts of your muscles, joints and bones.


Use a chair to give extra stretch to your upper back and shoulders. Make sure that you don’t force yourself to grab the chair just to have a deep stretch. Surrender and let go. It’s just like doing your drop backbends.


Do a supported camel. Use the handle of your couch for a good and safe support. You don’t need to worry about your knees! They are fully protected.


There are so many ways to stretch your quads and hamstrings using the couch. My favourite is pigeon pose and low lunge. If your couch happens to have small foam like a mat, you can grip it to give stability when you move backwards.

There are more ways on how to use your couch, chairs, and pillows. Next time I’ll share more other home tools that I’m using for my home stretching. I hope this article will be a good help for your personal practice. Don’t forget to suggest! Namaste’.

Mark Louie Maycong