No Excuses, Practice Yoga!


Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II

When you think of so many ‘excuses’ just because you don’t want to practice yoga, some people are putting their best to find time and best physical condition to practice yoga.

Meet this Norwegian ‘Virabhadra’ and a friend, Mads. I’m so inspired to write an article about this humble man. He is attending some physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions that can help his condition. I’m so overwhelmed that he asked me to teach him yoga and trust me to adjust his body. He believes that yoga can help him to become better physically and mentally. When we had our first practice 6 months ago, you can easily see through his soul the determination and willingness to learn the ancient practice.

Mad’s muscles, skin and ligaments are very sensitive, we need to use pillows and double the mats to protect his knees; we need to be light during practice to guard his joints. Whenever I teach him, I always think that I need to do my best so he will benefit, learn and progress. I don’t want to hurt him and I don’t want him to think that yoga is not for him. Now, I am teaching him different breathing exercises or pranayama which I know can be very beneficial for his health.

Yoga is for all especially to those who are willing to do it. Yoga is not only for flexible or strong people. Sometimes I too am lazy to practice. Its okay to be lazy once in awhile, we are human beings, but for how long? When others are already asana-mazing and some are already masters of pranayama and meditation?

Here are some gentle poses that we practice. smile emoticon Always remember be good to yourself and to others. Namaste’.


Half Locust Pose


Head to Knee Forward Bend


Butterfly Pose


Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Mark Louie Maycong