New Fui Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


New Fui Kai Vegetarian Restaurant Along Jalan Besar Road near City Square Residences, Jalan Besar Stadium and next to bus stop.

Discovering a Vegetarian Restaurant here in Singapore is like finding a hidden treasure. For almost a year of being a vegetarian, I always eat Indian Vegetarian or Home cooked food, may it be a hawker center, food stall, casual or fine dining. I believe, the best food to try in a new place is your comfort food or something that you are familiar with. First time eating in a new place is always the best. It’s exciting!

New Fui Kai Vegetarian Restaurant is located along the Historic Line of Jalan Besar (next to the bus stop). It is a casual dining restaurant that gives soothing environment while having your ‘mi favorito’ food. The place is relaxing,they have good lighting, enough tables and chairs for the space that they have.


The First Food that I tried was Chicken Rice and Shark’s Fin Soup


Nasi Lemak and Chinese Traditional Tea for the second visit.

Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, and Shark’s Fin Soup are some of the food that I tried on their menus. I can say that the Shark’s Fin Soup is my current favorite in their menu, it’s delicious! Next time I will visit, I want to make sure that I will try some of their noodles.


Here are some of the affordable menus that they offer.


They even offer Buffet which I think is very exciting to try!

So far this is the first Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant that I tried. Waiting and looking for more. If you have any suggestions dear readers, do let me know. Thank you! Namaste.

Mark Louie Maycong