Yoga is an Art


Someone reported my post on FB! More reporting/s to come. ?

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Growing up I am becoming more aware of myself specially my own body, skin, and capabilities. I grew up in a conservative family, attending and teaching Sunday school. That is why, it took me awhile to build my confidence to take some naked yoga pictures and post them on social media specifically on Instagram and Tumblr. The first time I posted naked yoga pictures was also the first time I attended Naked Yoga class. I made these social media accounts to separate them from my Facebook and mark_louie_maycong Instagram Feeds.
I know some people are not comfortable seeing naked pictures, nude people, bare men or unclothed people doing yoga postures. I want you all to realize that I am taking these pictures for the work of art. No more, no less. I don’t teach naked yoga nor conduct yoga classes unclothed.

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I am just sharing the beauty of human body. I am not muscular but I am proud on what my body can do at present.

Life is a show and tell. Do the things that will make you happy. I don’t regret taking these pictures. They may be disturbing for some people but for me, they are yoga pictures the focuses on the anatomy of the human body.

And please note that my friend Paulo Leonido has my permission to use my pictures for his Naked YogaMANila classes. Namaste’


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I understand that uploading naked handstand pictures or other poses is a way of confidence, courage and love for self. But we need to remember that some people have different kinds of life backgrounds, religion, upbringing and so on.
If there are a few hundreds of people who love seeing Naked Handstand Pictures or other poses, for sure there are few hundreds or more who doesn’t. We all have place in this world to express and to give sentiments.

That is why recently I created a ‘closed group’ on Face book which is a ‘secret’ group now to lessen ‘creeps’. If you are confidently beautiful posting naked handstand or other poses. Join Naked Yoga 101. All admins are checking people who wants to be a member. The group is not only for yoga practitioners, it’s also for dancers, acrobats, athletes and other wonderful artists.

Be bold. Be naked. Be free. Be beautiful.


Be bold. Be naked. Be free. Be beautiful.


Mark Louie Maycong

4 comments on “Yoga is an Art”

  1. Marjorie says:

    Inspiring and motivating! Hats off, Tui! ??????

    1. Mark Louie Maycong says:

      Thank you!!!

  2. Lax Carrillo says:

    Kuya Mark, Since I learned about your passion in Yoga I followed you all the way, amazed with your videos and pictures and its truly inviting, now its a different face of your passion and im super proud of it I don’t know if a simple comment of appreciation matters but unveiling yourself to the world is one of the courageous thing to do as long as you are passionate about what you are doing, the extensive art appreciation might be needed for some people who may react to see a naked man to but nonetheless for us who knew and understand your passion we clearly supported and salute you for another level of greatness -? hugs

    1. Mark Louie Maycong says:

      Thank you so much!!!

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