Mysore Yoga CPH : Copenhagen, Denmark | Afternoon Mysore Ashtanga Practice

Mysore Yoga Copenhagen is not a misplaced shala neither built by accident. The same way, it’s not by accident that this shala is the nearest to my place when I was in Stockholm in Sweden.

Mikko Seppinen was the teacher when I attended the Ashtanga Mysore practice. Yes! For the third time in Europe, I attended Mysore practice. Maybe it’s a sign? ?

Mikko is so nice to introduce me the shala, the happenings during the normal ‘months’ and during holidays. Boy! He told me that there are only few practitioners during holidays like the month of June, but when I step inside the shala, there are few people and more coming! I wonder what it looks like when it’s not Holiday mood.

Knowing that Yoga is a trend in Europe, my heart is happy.

Let’s take a u-turn and go back to Mikko. He’s very gentle, like other Ashtanga Teachers that I met including the Ashtanga Teachers in Singapore. Mikko is kind enough to tell me that I can use my phone to check the sequence or use there poster to follow the practice. Mikko is the type of teacher you want to have if you want to progress in your practice, he doesn’t adjust or touch you in the asana right away, he will ask you first if you are comfortable or if need help to get deeper. This kinda of questions are sign of being a seasoned yoga teacher.

Don’t ever forget to visit this wonderful place if you’ll be here in Copenhagen!

Mark Louie Maycong