A Must Try! Cafe’ Salvation | A Vegetarian Friendly Cafe’


After a week of yoga classes, teachings and late Saturday night KTV’s, a good way to feed a hungry tummy is a yummy food! Brandon and I decided to visit Cafe’ Salvation near Farrer Park MRT. The shop is strategically located, very near to the exit of the train and its along good Indian Restaurants.

What I like about Cafe’Salvation is the interior of the shop, small but cozy; i love the colors that they used on their walls, chairs and decoration – shades of purples, blues, pinks and oranges. When go inside the cafe you just want to have desserts right away because of the sweet taste feel atmosphere.

If you are No Garlic, No Onion eater this place is for you

If you don’t like gluten, be happy, there’s food for you!

If you are Lacto / Ovo Vegetarian, this cafe’ suits you!

If you are a Vegan, rejoice! You have something to eat.


The menu is very cute, most of the food can be adjusted according to what you need or what not you need to eat. You just need to remind them about your diet. I ordered pasta and forgot to tell them that I am a vegan. The chef put mozzarella cheese on my food, when I told then that I am a Vegan, they replaced my food and cook a new pasta for me without any hesitations. very nice staff indeed. (My mistake, though)

Black Soy Bean Burger for Brandon

Spaghetti Soya Balongnese for me!

Definitely this will not be the last time I will visit this place. I had a great time eating my pasta! and of course I had a very good experience with the staff who are very helpful. Thank you, Cafe’ Salvation! Till next time.

Brandon enjoying his Tootie Fruitie!


Mark Louie Maycong