Move Up Side Down

Inversion poses are fun! Especially if you have strong core muscles. Take note, having 6 packs doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily go up side down, BIG NO. You need to know how to use your muscles, not only your guns (biceps and triceps) but also your abdomen muscles, back muscles and pelvis. And let us include your legs, quads and hamstrings too. 

There are so many inversion poses and different kinds of variations to learn and perform! Even the most impossible inversion pose that you can think of, surely one or three people can do it. That’s how amazing our bodies can do. No worries there are poses for beginners and of course for advance yoga practitioners. Let me share to everyone some amazing yogis on instagram who exudes strength, grace, power and beauty. All of these yogis are not just physically beautiful they are also humble and amazing!


Hung Nguyen of Vietnam


Yenny Christine of Indonesia


Nor Soraya Ghazalie Saw of Malaysia

Inversion poses can  improve blood circulation, it means better concentration and memory! Practising inversions can give you inner strength, good balance and posture. It helps to develop good upper body strength and stronger abdomen, beautiful and toned legs and arms.


Jani Jaatinen of Finland


Martin Elianto of Indonesia


Marc Isip of the Philippines

Believe it or not, 3 years ago, my flexibility was nothing. It was like a sculpture without form and grace; Even my strength was not capable of doing even a simple handstand or bakasana. But until now I am learning, and I am learning so much! I thank God for giving me amazing teachers who I admire a lot. These Real Yoga (Name of the studio) teachers are the reasons why I can do the asanas that I can perform now. They are pushing me hard in a good way without hurting my self. I’m sure if I did not join Real Yoga 2 years ago, I’m still the same old me. No headstand, No scorpion,  No handstand and No improvement.


Master Saumik Bera / My Hatha, Body Opening and Inversion Teacher


Master Manoj Kumar / My Backbend and Forward Bend Teacher


This Young, strong and vibrant Yoga Teacher is the reason why I signed up to Real Yoga. I attended a ‘Trial Class’ 2 years ago and his Stretch Class was the start of my Yoga Journey. Thank you, Master Maninder!

Make it a habit to practice and go topsy turvy. For sure it will give you confidence and happiness! Make it happen, work hard and be safe!

Below is my Pike Press Handstand Practice. I learned Handstand after 2 years of practice in Yoga! It never came in an over night practice. Now I’m almost practising for 3 Years and my Press Handstand is a gift! Still work in progress but I’m very grateful with the result.

Mark Louie Maycong